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Rashid Johnson_Informality

Painting and Recording Queer Lives in Kansas City_Hyperallergic

NCECA Alternative Spaces_ Temporary Art Review

Citadel and the Circus_Informality Blog

Annual Charlotte Street Award Exhibition at H&R Block Artspace_Informality Blog

Marie McInerney_Temporary Art Review

Three Solo Shows Reshape a Single Mseum_Hyperallergic

Museum of Bottled Water_Hyperallergic

Reuse and Replenish: The Turn Toward Environmentally Conscious Art_Hyperallergic

Finding Spirituality in the Diaspora_Huffington Post

PLUG Projects Explores the Cosmos_Huffington Post

How Happenings Are Happening Now_Huffington Post

The Joplin Paintings_Huffington Post

Cultural Evolution of Art and the Net_Huffington Post

Roberto Lugo_Ceramics: Art & Perception (cover story)

Peregrine Honig_Huffington Post

Steven & William Ladd_Huffington Post

Crystal Bridges Exhibition Reveals Curatorial Missteps_Huffington Post

Uncovering Meaning Through Puzzles and Art_Huffington Post

Crystal Bridges Exhibition to include Kansas & Missouri Artists _Huffington Post

TED Weekend_Erik Johansson_Huffington Post

Red Star Studios/Belger Art Center_Ceramics: Art & Perception

The Self-Fulfillment of Socially Engaged Art_Huffington Post

Gregors/Borusky_Cupcakes in Regalia

Warren Rosser_Huffington Post

Scott Dickson_Cupcakes in Regalia

Mark Allen: The Spectator as Spectacle_Huffington Post

The Mutilated_Starring Penny Arcade & Mink Stole_Art Tattler

Dali on Display_Huffington Post

We'll Make Out Better Than Okay_Whitehot Magazine

Ride or Die_Kemper Crossroads_Cupcakes in Regalia

David Ford & KC Arts Revolution_Whitehot Magazine

The Collective Consciousness and Installation Art (folded catalog - begin read on p. 2 then return to p. 1 for conclusion)

Amjad Faur_Cupcakes in Regalia

Ingress_Cupcakes in Regalia

Dolphin Gallery Closure & Response_Cupcakes in Regalia

Justin Beachler_Cupcakes in Regalia

Jared Flaming_Juxtapoz

Paul Anthony Smith_Art Tattler & Cupcakes in Regalia

Animals & Buildings: Follow-Up_Art Tattler

The Sweet Life_Ceramics: Art & Perception

Anthony Baab_Cupcakes in Regalia

Andrew Jilka_Cupcakes in Regalia

Secrets_Cupcakes in Regalia

Curatorial Studies_Sub Gallery_Cupcakes in Regalia

Andrew Jilka_Juxtapoz

Justin Beachler_Juxtapoz

Picasso at Nelson-Atkins_Cupcakes in Regalia

Sissel Tolaas_Cupcakes in Regalia

Under 21_Cupcakes in Regalia

Jamie Bates_Cupcakes in Regalia

Sean StarWars_Cupcakes in Regalia

David Ford commentary_Cupcakes in Regalia

Congrats!_Cupcakes in Regalia

Now/Knowing_Cupcakes in Regalia

Tom Gregg commentary_Cupcakes in Regalia

Bread KC! Art Practical

Rashawn Griffin_Cupcakes in Regalia

Phillip Ahnen_Ceramics: Art & Perception

Quetzlcoatl_Cupcakes in Regalia

Bill Brady_Cupecakes in Regalia

The Last Descendants_Cupcakes in Regalia

3 Artists_Portfolio_KC Magazine

Cara & Cabezas_Art Tattler

VanLeeuwen & Blott_Leedy-Voulkos

Barry Eisenhart_KC Magazine

Jay Norton_Midwestern Musical Company_Art Tattler

Barbara Grad_Kemper Museum Crossroads_Art Tattler

Misha Kligman_Kansas City Artists Coalition_Art Tattler

Bri Lauterbach_Wonder Fair Gallery_Art Tattler

Matthew Huff_Plenum Space Gallery_Art Tattler

Jack Rees_Epsten Gallery_Art Tattler

David Bates_Kemper Museum_Art Tattler

Tether_Arts Incubator_Art Tattler

Fernald & Taylor_The Late Show_Kansas City Star

Hartman & Kane_Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art_Kansas City Star

The Arts Incubator_Art Tattler

"Witness: Perspectives on War"_Leedy-Voulkos_Kansas City Star

David Ford_Dolphin Gallery_Art Tattler

Penny Arcade_Review magazine

Erin McAllister_Juxtapoz

SSION_ Cody Critcheloe_(BOY)_Grand Arts_Art Tattler

Dash Snow_Art Tattler

Collectors_KC Home Design

One Million Dollars for Art_Review magazine

Lauren McEntire_Farenheit Gallery_Review magazine

Sissel Tolaas_Grand Arts_Review magazine

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